best shell ide


There is no shell scripting ide. There are some examples of text editors that helps you to write code.

1. Sublime Text

Sublime Text has many powerful features that makes coding painless. It has all basic features mentioned on this page and many others like: multi-select (hold CTRL and put mouse cursor in another line), creating your own snippets(lines of code that repeat), minimap(zoomed view of entire file).

2. Atom

Atom is developed by Github so it supports Github integration. It is often called "hackable IDE of 21st century", so you could easy customize almost everything.

Cool visual extension is "Power mode", every time you hit a key, editor does a little move, like you hit the screen.

3. Geany

Geany is lightweight IDE, aims to provide fast development environment. Features: filebrowser, save actions( autosave, instantsave, backupcopy), split window. In ubuntu you can install Geany using apt:

sudo apt-get install geany

4. Kate

It is pre-installed text editor in Kubuntu. Some of useful features: embedded terminal, SQL plugin, find and replace, syntax highlighting, bracket matching, auto backup, auto completion with argument handling.

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