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Have you ever understand complex UNIX & BASH scripts that wrotes somebody else several years ago? You will able to write your own scripts with ease. From the very beginning of work in the shell we go through to advanced topics. You will get over 10 hours in 93 videos and 7 real-world labs with key.

Have you ever become a full member of virtual class? When you get your personal offline mp4 copy you can start exploring secret corners of UNIX Shell within the next few minutes.

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Did you know that programming in UNIX Shell is more effective than programming in other languages for system admins? The Shell is extremely powerful tool for these three areas?

  • The Shell works with strings very easy
  • The Shell is resistant to rough handling
  • The Shell is excellent in processing files with your algorithm

I love the Shell because it automates 80% of routine admin tasks. The Shell scripts enables to take care of system, and notice you only if something wrong happen.


You can easily master the Shell during few days with our video course. You don’t need any programming skills, before the course. See you in training!

Take a seat to live lecture. We will learn you how to write your own scripts that helps you in your work.

BASH training in Vienna

28-29th of February 2024

Austria / Vienna

 Course Content
BASH training in Munich

1-2nd of August 2024

Germany / Munich

 Course Content
BASH training in Vienna

30-31th of October 2024

Austria / Vienna

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BASH Trainer

Marian is CEO of Like-IT. Like-IT focuses on high-available solutions in the fields of TCP/IP networking and UNIX servers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Like-IT developed finscreener.org - a HA (High-Available) 24/7 solution for real-time stock analyses. finscreener.org run on UNIX.

Marian loves trainings. He trained UNIX shell seven years from time to time. Basing on this experience of live training, he set up the e-learning training Mastering UNIX Shell.

Marian is CCNP and CCDP certified. Here are his Linux certifications:

lpi lpic 1 certificationlpi lpic 2 certificationlpi lpic3 security certificationlpi lpic3 virtualization and high availability certificationsuse cla certification