Your teacher of BASH

Quick Info

Marian is CEO of Like-IT. Like-IT focuses on high-available solutions in the fields of TCP/IP networking and UNIX servers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Like-IT developed - a HA (High-Available) 24/7 solution for real-time stock analyses. run on UNIX.

Marian loves trainings. He trained UNIX shell seven years from time to time. Basing on this experience of live training, he set up the e-learning training Mastering UNIX Shell.

Marian is CCNP and CCDP certified. Here are his Linux certifications:

lpi lpic 1 certificationlpi lpic 2 certificationlpi lpic3 security certificationlpi lpic3 virtualization and high availability certificationsuse cla certification
BASH Trainer
More Info

Last 17 years, Marian is devoted to information technologies. He is hard working, systematic, and results-oriented. He loves to work with people. He relaxes the sport as such ice hockey or swimming.

Programming Skills

Web pages: PHPv7 OOP, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap           
Web applications: Multi-thread Java 8 apps with MySQL,
Servlets, JSP, JSF, JavaBeans
Web Services: WSDL, SOAP, UDDI, SOA
Integrations: CORBA, Java RMI
Databases: MS SQL 2012, programming in T-SQL,
MySQL/MariaDB Cluster
Another programming languages: C/C++, C#
Scripting languages: PERL, UNIX SHELL
Design Patterns
Apache: administration, rewrite rules, virtual hosting

Leadership and Project Management

I loved the work team leader. During the eight years I managed the amount of cost-effective time-limited projects. Most of my work consisted in communicating with people.

Advanced TCP/IP Networking & UNIX administration

I gained experience from research projects to building complex networks of today's largest provider in Slovakia. To this day, I work as a consultant in this field.