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Below are several ways to perform full-text search in a directory on Linux systems, complete with examples and detailed explanations of command options.

1. `grep -rni`

This command combination is perhaps the most well-known. The flags `-r` or `-R` enable recursive search, `-n` adds line numbers to the output, and `-i` allows for case-insensitive search.

grep -rni "search_text" /path/to/directory/

  • - `-r` or `-R`: Recursive search
  • - `-n`: Include line number in output
  • - `-i`: Case-insensitive search

2. `find` + `grep`

This combination is more flexible since `find` is a powerful tool for file searching.

find /path/to/directory/ -type f -exec grep -ni "search_text" {} +

  • - `-type f`: Only search for files
  • - `-exec`: Execute `grep` on each file found
  • - `{}`: Placeholder for the file names found
  • - `+`: End of `-exec` command

3. `ag` (The Silver Searcher)

This is a faster tool than `grep` and is very useful when searching through large codebases.

ag "search_text" /path/to/directory/

4. `ack`

Another alternative to `grep`, commonly used by developers for better syntax highlighting and speed.

ack "search_text" /path/to/directory/

5. `ripgrep` (alias `rg`)

This tool is particularly known for its speed and is straightforward to use.

rg "search_text" /path/to/directory/

6. `locate` + `grep`

If you need to search quickly but don`t need to do it recursively or in real-time, `locate` is a good choice. First, update the database with `updatedb` and then use `grep` on the resulting list.

locate "search_text" | grep "search_text"

  • - `updatedb`: Updates the database for `locate`
  • - `locate`: Searches for all occurrences of the filename

7. `sift`

This is a relatively new search tool that offers fast searching with support for complex expressions.

sift "search_text" /path/to/directory/

Each of these tools has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the best choice depends on the specific situation and requirements.

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