where do I find bash


You can find bash as a executable program located in standard binary directories of your operating system.

If you are using operating system which does not contain bash pre-installed (FreeBSD, Windows), you can download and build source code from gnu.org. Windows users can use cygwin.

Bash supports two distinct operation modes: interactive and non-interactive mode. In interactive mode the bash waits to you for enter commands. In non-interactive mode the bash executes commands from script file without waiting for user's commands.

Assuming you have bash installed, you can run bash from terminal. Most terminals are pre-configured to start shell program. To find out where is your bash located enter following command:

echo $SHELL

Output: /bin/bash

Another way how to get path to bash:

echo $BASH

Output: /bin/bash

If you are not sure if you are using bash, enter:

echo $0

Output: -bash

$0 prints the program name, in our case it is actual running shell.

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