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Total length: 10 hours 23min 15 sek

Total videos: 93 videos

Case Study Labs with key: 7 labs

Video format: mp4 files available everywhere (offline)

Price: 199 €

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Practical Labs

These labs with key can be considered as a "shell case studies". They are based on the experience of UNIX administrators.They are suitable for the appropriate level of knowledge of the course.

Video Course Map

In this video course, there's five levels. Individual chapters are shown in blue. Practical labs with the key are shown in green.

BASH Video Training

Did you know that programming in UNIX Shell is more effective than programming in other languages for system admins? The Shell is extremely powerful tool for these three areas?

  • The Shell works with strings very easy
  • The Shell is resistant to rough handling
  • The Shell is excellent in processing files with your algorithm

I love the Shell because it automates 80% of routine admin tasks. The Shell scripts enables to take care of system, and notice you only if something wrong happen.


You can easily master the Shell during few days with our video course. You don’t need any programming skills, before the course. See you in training!

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