JOE Tutorial for Linux

Quick How To Guide

Start joe:

joe ./textFile.txt

Show help:

Ctrl + K +H (to hide help, enter this command again)

Save file

Ctrl + K + D

Save and exit:

Ctrl + K + X

Exit without saving:

Ctrl + K + Q

Go to previous/next screen:

Ctrl + U/Ctrl + V

Move cursor to the start/end of file file:

Ctrl + K + U/Ctrl + K + V

UnDo recent change:

Ctrl + Shift + _

ReDo undone change:

Ctrl + Shift + ^

Insert or overwrite:

Ctrl + T

Selecting text:

Ctrl + K + B (block begin)
Ctrl +  K + K (block end)

When you have block selected, to move block use:

Ctrl + K + M

Delete block:

Ctrl + K + Y

Copy block:

Ctrl + K + C

Search in file:

Ctrl + K + F

Then choose between ignore (I), replace (R) options. To navigate to next result use:

Ctrl + L

If you want to change joe's default setting use:

Ctrl + T

You can turn on/off auto indent, word wrap, line numbers, highlighting and set tab width, left margin, etc.

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